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Kathryn Helstrom
Vice President

Kathryn Helstrom started her writing career when working for a medical manufacturing company, composing and editing high-tech equipment manuals. She created procedures for marketing and advertising, regulation compliance, and office policies and methods.

Kathryn contributed to the advertising copy, sometimes acting as copy editor. Later, when working in the oil field industry, she helped write proposals for million-dollar contracts, including Letters of Intent and correspondence with government and corporate entities.

In 2000, Kathryn left the corporate world and became an educator. In the last 20 years, she has authored dozens of instructions for complicated projects and grants for monies. Her articles have been published in local newspapers and professional magazines.

She has traveled extensively throughout the United States and the world, recently returning from a research trip to Germany and France. As part of the marketing team with both the medical and oilfield companies, she organized and conducted conventions and training classes, including booking venues, scheduling speakers, developing displays, and coordinating staff, setup, and teardown.

Kathryn writes Historical Fiction, mostly about medieval Germany, particularly the 12th century and the Second Crusade. She has begun a series of adventure novellas with various fictional and actual medieval characters. You can find out more on her website,