Recognizing Our Members

Every year an outstanding club member is selected Tulsa NightWriter of the Year.  This award is presented to the member the rest of the club determines contributed the most during the year. 


NightWriter of the Year 2023

Ana Maddox
Director of Communications

NightWriter of the Year 2021

Kathryn Helstrom
Vice President

Her tireless work on the annual Writer’s Conference can not be overlooked. During the pandemic when finding a venue and speakers was an unprecedented burden, she navigated it and brought us a conference with fantastic speakers at a great location. Her continued tenure as Vice President and years of service to the club has provided many benefits over the years.

NightWriter of the Year 2020

Cindy Rose

Her editorial contributions to the club cannot be numbered. She meticulously created a series of beautiful, informative, professional-quality newsletters that any organization would be proud to read. Her attention to detail and format is impeccable, and every article excellent. She continually asked for input from the membership, seeking brags and announcements and any other information that would make the newsletter a better product. Cindy proved herself a valuable member of the club as well as the officer board. Thank you, Cindy, for your contribution to excellence.

NightWriter of the Year 2022

Connie Dodson
Director of Communications

For her dedication to the role of Director of Communitcation, Connie was selected as our award winner for 2022. She helped ensure our web presence and communications for the club stayed on track. She was instrumental in making sure our meetings and conference were able. to be streamed from wherever our guests were.

NightWriter of the Year 2020

Blake Collier
Director of Communications

He is a tech savvy guru that managed to take the most difficult tasks and make them look easy. His continual pursuit of providing up-to-the-minute communication to the club via mass emails, Facebook post, etc., was nothing less than heroic. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Blake miraculously kept the club informed on events, meeting schedules, and updates. His expertise in hosting ZOOM meetings, bringing everyone into the same virtual world was a sight to behold. He is certainly worthy of the co-award.

Previous NightWriters of the Year

Rex Griffin

Marion Grace

Donna Welch Jones

Bill Wetterman

Julie Harbaugh

Jim Laughter


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Nathaniel Hawthorne