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Linda Berrey

A native Texan, Linda got her bachelor’s degree at TCU in English and Journalism before embarking on a newspaper career in Southeast Texas. Marriage to a refinery engineer (48 years and counting) took her to Wyoming and Pennsylvania before arriving in Tulsa in 2006. Along the way she worked in a library, served on a school board, led a church education program and was publications editor for the Chautauqua Institution, a nonprofit arts and education resort in southwest New York.

Her foray into fiction began with a bet from her son over who could finish a screenplay first. She won — after taking a class from Michael Wright at TU. Was that cheating? Her screenplays won an award at Boulder’s Moondance Film Festival and finished in the top ten percent at the Austin Film Festival. Her first attempt at a novel stagnated because she is easily distracted, a fact that led her to the Tulsa Nightwriters in 2020 for a steady dose of inspiration.

She volunteers at the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum and at her church. She loves to travel and has enjoyed trips to Great Britain, Germany, Rome, Israel, Cuba, Colombia, Eswatini and South Africa. On her 70th birthday, she hiked to the top of a mountain in Mexico’s Sierra Madres to see where the Monarch butterflies winter.

She and her husband have two sons, Rob, a dolly grip in the film industry, and Adam, an archaeologist and university teacher.