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Merle Davenport

I have always loved writing. Yet it wasn’t until I started reading bedtime stories to my daughters that my love for creative writing developed. See, my girls hated to be read to, but they loved to listen to a story. So, every night, I had to make up a new story “on the spot.” Their favorite stories were about a Princess and a Bear.

As they grew older, they didn’t need my bedtime stories. Instead, they wanted me to write down my stories so they could read the tales for themselves. Like any dad who is wrapped around his girls’ fingers, I started writing.

Soon, bedtime stories turned into stories about dragons and a wise-cracking skeleton in the biology room. When I started dating my wife, she loved romance stories. Yuck! Well, you do interesting things when you’re in love, so we started writing an historical romance together.

We joined Tulsa NightWriters and began refining our historical romance. This led to a three-book deal with Oghma Creative Media. I can honestly say that this would not have happened without the support of the people in TNW.

Now, it’s my turn to give back, to help others realize their dreams just like TNW helped me. As president, I hope to encourage and support all those who love to write. Whether that means finding a great place to meet or simply passing on a few kind words to my fellow writers, I will do my best. After all, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” So, let’s welcome the tide and grow together as writers.